Chris Eatough's Training Plans put you on track for success at your big race. There are training plans available for 24 Hour Solo, 100 Milers, MTB Stage Races and more.  All are written by Chris, and are full of his tips for your focus race.  Check them out on the training plan page.

Chris Eatough's 12 Week Training Plan: MTB Stage Race

Chris Eatough's 12 Week Training Plan: 100 Mile MTB Race






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Welcome to the Web page of Chris Eatough - the location for all the
news, photos, and information about Chris' mountain bike racing and
coaching services.

A professional mountain biker since 1998, Chris specializes in endurance
mountain bike events, ranging from 100-mile races to 24-hour and
multi-day stage races. He also has a long history of racing in cross
country mountain bike events and even some road and adventure races.

Chris has traveled around the world to compete in his sport, spreading
his message of hard work, dedication and environmental responsibility
along the way.


These are a few of my favorite races...
People often ask me what my favorite mountain bike races are. I think they are looking for tips for their upcoming race season. So, here are some of my favorites. Base you season around some of these and you can’t go wrong. Start with the NUE series ( The best series of endurance mountain bike races in the county (probably the world). Another great 100 miler that is not currently part of the NUE, but probably will be soon, is my backyard race, the Patapsco 100 on July 5 ( I think this is the toughest 100 miler in the country. The constant steep up and down technical trails are soul crushing. Be sure to throw in a mountain bike stage race or two. They bring such a sense of adventure and camaraderie. Some of my favorites are: BC Bike Race, British Columbia, June 27 to July 4 ( Transylvania Epic, Central PA, May 24 to May 30 ( And of course, give it a go at a 24 Hour Race, either solo or team relay. If you are going to do something this big, you may as well go for the world championships. This year it’s in Weaverville, CA on October 3 and 4 ( Lots of miles and lots of smiles in this list. Time to get training…