Height - 5'10"
Weight - 160 lbs
Age - 42 years


Chris moved to the United States from England in 1990 when his father's employment relocated his family. He went to Clemson University, played varsity soccer, and earned a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. He then moved on to The University of Virginia, where he earned a master's degree in transportation engineering. It was around this time that Chris discovered mountain biking and became passionate about the sport. The combination of outdoor adventure, physical challenge, speed, skill, and adrenaline are a perfect fit, ensuring that Chris will be a mountain biker for life. Chris lives with his wife, daughter and son in Maryland.


Professional mountain bike racer since 1998
Six Time 24 Hour Solo World Champion
Five Time 24 Hour Solo National Champion
2007 24 Hours of Moab Champion
2007 National Ultra Enduance Champion (100 mile mountain bike races)
2007 BC Bike Race Champion
Ten victories in 100 mile mountain bike races