"Your Transsylvania Epic specific training plan was spot-on and I was thrilled to not only finish the TSE, but finish it feeling good and still strong on day 7. I’ve never experienced “peak fitness” before, even after all these years of racing. It was an awesome feeling to be so ready for the TSE. Thank you SO much for all your help in preparing for this."

"Chris' wealth of knowledge and experience helped me reach the podium in several endurance mountain bike races in 2008 after a career change cut my available training hours in half. His training plan was comprehensive and progressive and always fun to follow. I gained confidence knowing my workouts and techniques were backed up by countless victories and successes. The workouts Chris provided me with translated to results. He wrote the book on endurance mountain bike racing, and I consider myself fortunate to train and race with him."

-Chris B
"I was amazed at how much faster and confident I became on the bike in just one season with Chris. I upgraded to expert racer this year and was able to do well in races my first season. However, my real focus was the Shenandoah Mountain 100. I not only finished it, but I did it in under 12 hours! But what really surprised me was how prepared I was both mentally and physically. I didn't just finish that race, I enjoyed it! Training with Chris prepared me in more ways than I realized. His constant attention to my schedule, emotional support and encouragement throughout the season really made a difference. I couldn't have done it without him and would highly recommend him to anyone!"

-Tracy P

From years of racing and winning elite level endurance events, I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in how to complete and excel in these races.  I want to share this with other athletes and help them reach their goals. My experience in endurance mountain bike races, including marathons, 100 milers, multi day stage races and 24 hour races is second to none.  In fact, I have probably raced the event you are preparing for and know it inside and out.

Coaching Style
Plans devised by me based on individual communication and personal attention.  Unique, customized training plans based on the individual's goals, riding experience, and time available to train.  Constant monitoring of training, preparations and racing with appropriate tips and advice at every turn. Coaching services addressing the demands of cyclocross racing are also available.

For more information, send an email to info@chriseatough.com


Performance $250/month  
  • Daily training plan in 4 week blocks for continuous assessment and adjustment
  • Racing strategy advice (pacing, efficiency, equipment choices and bike handling tips)
  • Mountain bike racing or cyclocross or both
  • Core training guidelines
  • Mental preparation/sports psychology
  • Race day nutrition plan
  • 2 phone conferences and 4 emails per month
  • Coaching via affiliate coach, guidance via Chris Eatough

Elite  $400/month  

  • Daily training plan in 4 week blocks for continuous assessment and adjustment
  • Racing strategy advice (pacing, efficiency, equipment choices and bike handling tips)
  • Core training guidelines
  • Mental preparation/sports psychology
  • Race day nutrition plan
  • 2 phone conferences per month and 4 emails per month
  • Included one-on-one riding clinic ($400 value)
  • All coaching and communication direct with Chris Eatough

  • Both plans require $250 sign up fee
    (to develop athlete profile based on goals, training history, time available to train,
    strengths/weaknesses evaluation)

    Also available: in-person riding clinics.
    Ride with me and be coached on technical skill, efficiency, and riding style.
    $400/day for non-clients, $300/day for Performance Plan clients, first one free for Elite Plan clients.

Now Available: Race specific 12 week training plans $100 each

Follow Chris' recommended daily training to prepare for your favorite event.  The following plans are now available:

  • Winter Training Plan
  • 24 Hour Solo Race
  • 100 Mile MTB Race race
  • MTB Stage Race
  • Race specific plans (Shenandoah 100, Cohutta 100, Trans-Sylvania Stage Race)

Read more on the Training Plans page.